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The article must meet the following conditions:

  • The article must have at least 350 words
  • The article must discuss Trippki in the context of its centralized, non-blockchain competitors (ideally should talk about the market and include some real statistics)
  • The article must include a section on fake reviews and how Trippki plan to eliminate them (ProofOfStay)
  • The article must include reference to Trippki has over 10,000 hotels lined up and more partnerships in the pipeline
  • The article must include that customers are rewarded TRIP tokens at the end of their trips. Here you should also explain how these tokens have liquidity / real value (e.g. You can use TRIP tokens to pay towards your next booking)

Please note, all articles must have a proper structure (introduction, P1, P2, etc… and a conclusion). If you wish to include photographs and/ or pictures, please use ROYALTY FREE graphics to avoid copyright claims (e.g. www.unsplash.com).  All articles MUST be written in coherent English and with proper grammar. You could use a tool such as Grammarly. Minimal copy and paste is allowed from any official Trippki material.

Step Two

Submit your article to us for approval.

Once you have completed your article, please upload it to us using the form below.

Step Three

Await for your article to be authorised for publication. Once you publish your article, please provide a link to it below.

Step Four

Sit back and await your Trippki Token Rewards to arrive after the ICO has closed. Whilst you wait, why don’t you claim some additional rewards?

NB: Articles should be submitted to Trippki prior to publication. We are looking for unique, quality content and such only approved articles will receive the stated rewards. You will have the opportunity to revise your submission based on feedback given. Some articles may be selected for publishing on our own official channels.

You can monitor your reward progress on your account page.

Please ensure your account details are up to date, including your ETH Wallet Address.