Thank You!

Thank you for activating your Discord001 Trippki Reward. Please complete the below steps to ensure you are rewarded with your Trippki Tokens.

Step One

Join the conversation on our Discord Channel.

Step Two

You’ll need to be an active member, so when you have joined the channel, you’ll need to start a topic such as the examples below.

  • Ask a question about the ICO?
  • Let us know your favourite holiday destination and why.
  • Share an experience about a hotel you’ve stayed in before.
  • Share the best or worst thing to happen in a hotel.

Step Three

Sit back and await your Trippki Token Rewards to arrive after the ICO has closed. Whilst you wait, why don’t you claim some additional rewards?

NB: Users must remain subscribed to the Discord channel until the ICO has officially closed.

You can monitor your reward progress on your account page.

Please ensure your account details are up to date, including your ETH Wallet Address.